About Gray

Gray (Greiners Raytracer) is a hobby/research project of mine. It is a program that simulates light to produce computer generated images. The technique used is called ray tracing, where a large number of rays are cast against mathematical 3D models to simulate the interaction between light and materials. The result is beautiful computer generated images, like the ones we are used to see in special effects in movies.


ProgrammingPosted by Søren Greiner Tue, February 02, 2010 14:12:26
I developed a small tool for making 3D models for my test scenes in Gray. The tool is a simple "lathe". A number of spline-curves can be drawn and when the curves are saved they can be rotated around the y-axis to generate a 3D mesh.

The tool is not very flexible but it served my need at the time.

Here's a screenshot:

The actual tool can be downloaded here (for Windows) Lathe

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